• Charity Automator

    Work less. Achieve more.

  • Be a hero, take the pain out of processing your data.

    Be a hero, take the pain out of processing your data.

  • WorkSmartNotHard

    Business processes and training

    We save you money by optimizing your business processes, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

  • Audit

    Information System Audit

    We understand where your issues are and how to fix them.


We offer expert services that complement your existing staff to get the job done

Information solutions

We were born in IT and live in philanthropy. We know the solutions that can help your organization. From choosing solutions to integration, training and processes. We take you from start to finish.

System audit

Work efficiently! We know inefficient processes cost time and money. Our experts can perform a system audit identifying data and process issues giving you back time.

Processes and training

You already have the best tools, now maximise your investment. We optimise your processes and train your staff, saving your organization time and money.

Meet our team

Meet our amazing team of non-profit experts, ready to help you focus on your mission.