2016 Ottawa Blackbaud User Group

Special thanks to the Ottawa Humane Society for hosting what is hopefully the first of many Blackbaud User Groups in 2016.

eSimpleIT was fortunate enough to participate and speak at this event.

Top 10 ways to be more efficient with your data
Process data efficiently to focus on funding your mission

William da Silva

What every non-profit working needs to know to process data efficiently and focus on funding the cause. Based on a case study of Dans La Rue, this presentation highlights the top 10 improvements that have the biggest impact on productivity. Presented by William Da Silva.

William is founder and CEO of eSimpleIT, an organization that works at the intersection of IT and philanthropy. William and his team have been helping nonprofits for over 15 years, providing strategic consulting services. eSimpleIT assist with technology selection, system audits, IT integration, process redesign and training, as well as, communication strategies to assist nonprofits with constituent engagement and activation.

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