Charity Automator


Designed for non-profits, Charity Automator unlocks your growth by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks and reallocating time to high-impact priorities. Built by a team dedicated to the social sector, Charity Automator is a fully-managed solution that can be customized to your specific needs.

Automate Direct mail gifts

Lockboxing service that is fully automated and integrated into Raiser’s Edge NXT®, including attachments of scanned BRCs and cheques. No backlog, no delays, no errors.

Automate Online gifts

Fully automated and customizable transfer of information from LuminateOnline®, TeamRaiser® and other online donation platforms. Includes advanced matching algorithms and address correction to make sure your transactions data goes in right the first time.

Automate Acquisition

Automate your merge/purge and custom exclusion codes to speed up your acquisition campaigns. Most impactful for grateful patient programs where it is now recognized that the proximity of the mailer to the date of visit is the largest influencer on conversion rates. Go from hospital patient file to ready to print in minutes, not days.

automate acquisition

Automate Reporting

Gain insight and perspective on a consolidation of your data. Access the data warehouse that powers the automation platform and connect your favourite reporting tool. Works seamlessly with tools like Tableau® and PowerBI®. Report across all of your data in a single dashboard, including Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Financial Edge NXT® and Luminate Online® all from a single data source, reducing the need to integrate or move all of your data into one tool.

How to get started

You will need an account and subscription to get started.

We are here to help keep automation simple. Our team works with you every step of the way. We help set up the automation you need and monitor to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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