Hieros - executive

Hieros is a managed mail collection and data processing service offered by eSimpleIT, a data company operating for over a decade in the nonprofit sector.

Grow your foundation by outsourcing time consuming tasks and focusing on fundraising. Our services include:

  • Data processing
    • Daily receiving and sorting of mail and donation reply forms.
    • Cross checking and reconciliation of received funds.
    • Secure bank deposits of cheques and cash.
    • Secure debit and credit card processing of one-time and monthly donations.
    • Data entry of received donations into each charity’s database system.
    • Digital archiving of all documents processed.
    • Production and mailing of electronic and paper tax receipts and donor acknowledgement letters.
    • Handling of hand signed letters.
  • Fundraising support
    • Produce on demand or periodic queries and reports.
    • Produce and manage barcoded direct mail and email campaign segmentation.
    • Manage direct mail liaison between fundraisers, graphic artists and printers for painless mail-out.
  • System administration
    • Oversee database health.
    • Schedule and validate backups and maintenance.
    • Cleans data.
    • Manage security and access to data.

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