Stefan Karnyaczki

Senior Software Developer

Stefan finds pleasure in working through problems that others fear. Put simply, he was born to be a programmer. At a remarkably young age, Stefan extended his field of expertise and knowledge by completing his bachelor degree in software engineering from ÉTS. Stefan always pursues new challenges in and outside of work. His work with eSimpleIT since 2009 revealed Stefan’s unbound brilliance and technology-inclined mind to the needs of philanthropy; the two are a perfect match. Stefan’s fearless approach has changed the way many organizations feel about the advantages of technology. Stefan seizes the opportunity to work with many different clients: from the largest to the smallest Canadian non-profits, on a myriad of projects from back office applications to online applications. On the rare occasion that Stefan is not in front of his computer, you can find him catching up on some much-deserved sleep (but still near his computer).